Register to Vote

Voter Registration Deadlines

In order to vote, you must be registered in advance. Do you know your state’s voter registration deadline? Not sure? Go to this USA (dot) Gov webpage to find out.

On Tuesday March 3rd (Super Tuesday), people in 14 states (See Presidential Election 2020), American Samoa and Democrats Abroad will cast votes in the Democratic and Republican Primaries.

To vote in the March 3rd Super Tuesday Primaries, you must be registered to vote by February 3rd. Go on for more information.

Know Your Rights

First of all, polling places are required under the Americans with Disabilities Act to meet certain accessibility standards. Simply put, individuals with all disabilities have the right to access the polling place and cast their vote.

For individuals that need assistance with casting their vote, they have the right to get help from a person of their choosing to help them at the polls, including one of the election workers present there.

Many states offer absentee or mail voting options for people with disabilities that request it. Absentee voting allows an individual to mail in their vote as opposed to physically going to their polling place. Find more information about your state’s laws at the NCSL website.

Problems with Voting?

If you face issues at any point during the registration or voting process, we recommend calling 1-866-OUR-VOTE (1-866-687-8683). The Election Protection Coalition offers excellent voter protection services and is highly knowledgeable regarding voting rights in all 50 states.

If you believe your federal voting rights were violated, the US Department of Justice,  Civil Rights Division- Voting Section allows you to submit a complaint through a variety of ways. You can go to a page on the Justice Department’s website to find more information.

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